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Additional Capabilities

Wind tunnel Test section Dimensions Speed Type
Modane - Avrieux

Test rig for two stage turbine,

co or contrarotative

N/A Mass-flow:  11 kg/s
Pressure:  4 bar
Temperature:  450K
Power: HP 2MW ;   BP 0.75MW
Model engine
calibration facility
(vacuum tank)
N/A Test rigs for 4" to 10.65"
Turbine Power Simulators and nozzles
BD2 Test bench for
nozzles / afterbodies
with heated core
and secondary flow
 N/A Mass-flow: 30 kg/s
Pressure: 25 bar
Temperature: 1150 K
R4-1 Blowdown facility  M < 1.0

 Test section

Diameter 600 mm