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Test Facilities

TURMA - turbine testing capabilities

When the operating point is reached and stabilized, the acquisition software is launched.

TURMA - turbine testing capabilities.pdfTURMA - turbine testing capabilities.pdf

S1MA Sonic tunnel overview

The ONERA S1MA windtunnel has been in commercial operation forthe last 55years. The drive system, in particularthe fan blades were becominga maintenance nightmare which had tobe addressed.

S1MA Sonic tunnel overview.pdfS1MA Sonic tunnel overview.pdf

F4 Hypersonic Arc-Jet Wind Tunnel

A briefdescription ofthe ONERA F4 hot-shot facilityis given, together with details ofits operation. The manyco-operative programmes that the F4 wind tunnel has been involved in are outlined.

F4 Hypersonic Arc-Jet Wind Tunnel.pdfF4 Hypersonic Arc-Jet Wind Tunnel.pdf

CEPRA19 ROSAS campaign

An extensive acoustic wind tunnel test campaign was conducted between March and September 2003 in the frame of the European research project ROSAS to assess experimentally the noise shielding effec

CEPRA19 ROSAS campaign.pdfCEPRA19 ROSAS campaign.pdf
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