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Onera (Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales) is a national research establishment. Onera has full authority in its contractual relationships with clients. GMT is the Wind Tunnel Division of Onera. More than 80% of GMT's turnover comes from contracts with the private aerospace industry.

GMT's objectives are to maintain a high level of activity within its facilities. Each contract (large or small) is carefully considered of for the following reasons:

  • The strategic importance for Onera in providing an optimum service to clients worldwide. We have a good name for testing services and are considered as an expert in this domain. Onera is eager to maintain this high degree of reputation.
  • Each contract has its own intrinsic value money wise and is important for the overall balance sheet of GMT.
  • Each contract has a valuable consequential effect on the business activities of the wind tunnels and engineering department.
  • An important contractual feature for a customer is to know that Onera as a public establishment presents no concern with any bankruptcy risk.


GMT has a commercial approach. GMT's financial proposals are prepared based on customer requirements (test matrix or model specifications). We use a unit cost structure associated with the estimated effort and time necessary to meet requirements. Hourly rates are used for man-hours and tunnel occupancy, energy and specific testing techniques are quoted separately, fix cost for test preparation and finalization of test report are added. All cost proposals are fixed and firm.

The GMT quotation for services takes the form of a formal Technical and Financial Proposal. We wish to encourage customers in making an initial approach to testing projects at GMT.

For commercial contact :

Dr. Stephen Wolf


Phone: +33.(0)