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A comprehensive service

Service, Advice, Guidance...

In order to ensure that Onera's wind tunnel testing activities best support customer needs, testing services are provided by the GMT Division through our Commercial Department, a Network of Engineering Departments, and a Testing Technique Department. Between these departments, a potential client can expect the most comprehensive testing support possible, up to and including a complete testing service from model sketch to final test report. Advice and guidance on the most beneficial strategy, on the most efficient use of available budgets with value and cost as prime drivers may be provided on request.

Our operation of large industrial facilities continues to evolve to meet the ever changing and more demanding needs of the global aerospace community. We are staking our position in the aerospace community by providing well-proven large facilities with experienced staff and modern testing techniques for the tests themselves. We are then able to back up these tests with support staff capable of handling the multitude of associated tasks that arise, including engineering (for model and support design, plus the mounting interface), test program management, model and balance manufacture, contract administration, and documentation (technical writing). Our organisation remains highly flexible to customer requirements and we set objectives to make us more commercially attractive in the competitive world of civil and military aircraft development.

Project management...

Business Manager

The Commercial Department exists to locate and assist clients who wish to use any of Onera's facilities. This department acts as the interface between the potential client and the testing services, providing timely information, cost estimates, written proposals and contracts, test program development, and technical meetings with Onera experts. This same department also looks after actual clients by providing a focal point for technical and administrative issues before, during and after each test campaign. We consider this a critical element of a smooth, efficiently run, test campaign.

Project manager

Responsible of the necessary activities for the test completion. He acts as technical interlocutor of the customer. He is nominated at the start of the project. Thus he is responsible to guaranty delivery of tests data within the GMT quality standards. The project manager has a key role and will assist the client throughout our contractual relationships and beyond.

Design Manager

Responsible for the works made at the design office from the study request for important mounting studies or model conception/completion. The design manager is a nominated designer, under the responsibility of his design office leader. Within the study of a test conception, he is working closely with the project manager.