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Design office

DRIM have 2 major design offices, one located near Paris at Chatillon, the other one located in the North, at Lille, both close to the main workshops.

They are responsible for the design of complex wind tunnel models, and for the implementation of new technically advanced solutions to improve model efficiency (materials, cryogenic technology, remotely controlled systems ...) for Onera's internal or external clients.

The design office and the workshops form a responsive, integrated team working according to concurrent engineering procedures (design, manufacturing).

Main duties are:

  • Model design, including sensor equipment and motorizations
  • Assistance with wind tunnel test preparations,
  • Provide design support for all projects, 
  • Design of strain gauged balances (sting, hinge, rotary, etc..).

DRIM is recognized worldwide as a major partner for advanced wind tunnel model development. It is involved in developing expertise aimed at expected requirements from aircraft manufacturers in the future. This will put them in a better position to beat the international competition.

Design offices are fully equipped with CATIA V5 software and SAMCEF for finite element analysis. They can also use external CAD model through STEP or IGES interfaces.