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DSNA - Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aeroacoustics department

The Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aeroacoustics Department (DSNA) is responsible for developping advanced measurement techniques in aeroacoustics matching the large wind tunnels environments (hardware, software, methodology ...). DSNA might support us during wind tunnel experiments to cover for specific acoustic measurement requirements.


To develop numerical simulation methods and software in aerodynamics and energetics and manage all the aeroacoustic activities in order to meet the requirements for the prediction and optimization of aircraft performance.

Areas of expertise

  • Developing numerical methods in aerodynamics and energetic
  • Software engineering
  • Numerical simulation
  • Experimentation and measuring in aeroacoustics

The applications cover combustion in engines and internal and external flows for all types of aircraft, fixed or rotating wing, low to hypersonic speeds, and space launchers. The purpose of the aeroacoustic studies is to reduce noise caused by the aerodynamics or the propulsion.