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A global offer based on three world-class wind tunnels

An unrivalled suite of facilities...

Onera-GMT maintains an unrivalled suite of facilities complementing each other. We may offer advice and guidance on the best strategy using existing facilities, with value and cost as prime drivers: providing the right model in the right facility employing the appropriate testing methodologies and test matrix, to achieve the test objectives.

GMT operates a large number of facilities, amongst which three are recognized as very large wind tunnels capable of providing highly valuable data on representative models. Each facility is focus and tuned to meet specific objectives in a design phase process:

S2MA: Transonic and Supersonic WT, efficient in data collection


  • A S2MA experiment is capable of providing an initial data-base within a matter of 3 to 4 months using a fast track made model
  • Global measurement approach such as 360° PSP and Model Deformation
  • Fast configuration changes
  • Wall corrections validated with the large tunnel S1MA
  • Largely used by a number of customers

S1MA: Sonic Tunnel, large size, suitable for performance testing and noise measurement (medium term perspective)

  • Largest facility of its kind in the world : large models for a better simulation
  • Suitable facility for valuable noise measurements (Adequate Re number)
  • Tests corrections capitalize on major progress in CFD approach 
  • Motorized test (TPS, propeller, Engine) testing on half models
  • Full model testing for handling qualities (with remotely controlled ailerons, flaps, HTP)




F1: Low Speed pressurized Tunnel, high Reynolds number testing

  • Global measurement techniques available : Model Deformation ; PSP (on-going validation), PIV
  • Models are suitable both for F1 and S1MA
  • Same model supports and balances used in F1 and S1MA 
  • TPS testing on half models is possible
  • Large model scale compatible between F1 and S1MA
  • Fast configuration changes
  • F1 and CEPRA19 complement each other on aero-acoustic targeted projects


Model design and manufacting capabilities

The engineering department of Onera-GMT may offer you to design and manufacture your model if required.