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We enhance customer productivity

You wish to:

  • Make sure you meet all requirements for your future project
  • Better assess your design margins
  • Reduce the overall industrial risk
  • Improve the efficiency of your investment in wind tunnel testing
  • Progress along the "clarity line" of innovative projects

We are in a position to offer a customized strategic approach to wind tunnel testing to each customer given the available suite of facilities at GMT: the productivity of the design phase of your project will thus be maximized. We maintain a coherent suite of facilities, which complement each other, and provide test services throughout the entire flight envelope.

We may offer advice and guidance on the best strategy using existing facilities, with value and cost as prime drivers: providing the right model in the right facility employing the appropriate testing methodologies and test matrix, to achieve the test objectives.

We provide access to the best available testing techniques, via a continuous investment policy in new methods and innovative technologies. This policy will provide increased added value to customer experiments.

We may offer a wide selection of services with increasing degrees of complexity. Technical and financial proposals are tuned to match client's budget. GMT wish to maximize the volume and added value of information provided for a given budget.

A strategic approach to WT testing: focus and tune to increasing productivity and efficiency in experimental simulation.


S2MA: Transonic and Supersonic WT,  high productivity and efficiency in data collection, capable to providing an initial data base within a matter of 3 or 4 months. Global measurement techniques such as 360 degrees PSP and MDM are currently available


S1MA : Sonic Tunnel, large size, suitable for performance testing, extreme flying conditions and noise measurement (medium term perspective)

  F1: Low Speed Tunnel, high Reynolds
number testing, high-lift devices, and inlets